Earlier in May, the Washington Post reported that our front-line healthcare workers still do not have adequate access to personal protective equipment. Approximately two-thirds of these healthcare professionals did not have surgical masks and over 33% of front-line healthcare workers do not have sufficient hand sanitizer, as well. With medical supplies in shortage, healthcare professionals are finding increasingly hard to continue caring for patients amid the COVID-19.

At Laser Engraving Pros, we are dedicated to serving our healthcare workers in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our reusable face shields for healthcare workers can help front-line healthcare workers ensure their safety as well as the safety of the patients under their care.

Read on as we discuss the benefits of these face shields for healthcare workers.

They are Durable and Long-lasting

Our reusable face shields for healthcare workers are made of Polyethylene terephthalate glycol. This is a durable material that is highly resistant to pressure. It is also fog-resistant. Given how front-line healthcare workers must provide first-aid in complex and unpredictable circumstances, it is essential to equip them with sturdy and long-lasting equipment that does not get damaged easily. Wearing the face shields by Laser Engraving Pros can allow our nation’s finest to continue helping the patients that need their help without compromising their own health and safety.

They Provide Maximum Protection

Given the regular exposure that front-line healthcare workers have to the virus and other dangerous microbes, simply wearing a surgical mask cannot provide sufficient protection. One of the biggest advantages of our reusable face shields for healthcare workers is that they protect your eyes, nose, and mouth against exposure to the virus. Thus, using these face shields along with surgical masks and other necessary PPE equipment can allow healthcare workers to carry out their duties without having to worry about exposure to the virus.

The face shield also has a thickness of 0.007 and 0.016 providing adequate protection against any airborne particles that healthcare workers may inhale during the course of their duties. What’s more, Laser Engraving Pros has been able to create various patterns for these face shields that are customized to suit the user.

They Are Reusable

The main problem with using face masks is that they must be discarded after you have used them. Unfortunately, with the current shortage in PPE gear, healthcare workers are being forced to reuse their surgical masks and compromise their health and safety.

As the name suggests, these reusable face shields for healthcare workers help avoid this problem. Unlike surgical masks that cannot be washed and reused, our face shields can be easily cleaned using a good disinfectant. All of you have to do is take the face shield and clean every surface with a disinfectant. Once you are done, the face shield can be reused safely.

With the current shortage in medical supplies, this is a big advantage. Using these face shields can allow healthcare workers to ensure their continued protection at a minimal cost.

Wrapping It Up

With the Coronavirus continuing to create havoc across the country, every initiative that can help control the spread of the virus is important. At Laser Engraving Pros, we believe in making all efforts possible in helping our front-line healthcare workers cope with the situation without risking their health and safety.

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