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As the possibility of schools reopening looms on the horizon, it’s important to review the safety measures in place that can help protect students and teachers from the possibility of infection. So far, teachers have been attempting to use video conference calls and other similar resources to engage with their students online. However, once schools reopen and students and teachers start returning to the classroom, everything will be completely different.

It will be more important than ever for teachers and students to wear personal protective equipment while at school. This is easier said than done of course. With the ongoing shortage in personal protective equipment, the situation can get even direr when schools reopen and the demand for masks, gloves, and face shields surge.

To help prevent this from happening, Laser Engraving Pros has designed special face shields for teachers that can be worn easily at school premises and otherwise.

Read on to learn how teachers can benefit from our face shields.

They Help Set a Good Example

It can be difficult to ensure that students (especially younger children) are following social distancing and wearing masks at all times. Teachers are confronted with the responsibility of ensuring that each child remains protected and observant of safety measures. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting strong examples for their students to follow. If teachers are to make sure their students abide by the rules required to curb the spread of the pandemic, they must wear face shields and face masks at all times. This can help exhibit the importance of this equipment to students and make it easier for them to follow health and safety guidelines.

They Are Comfortable to Wear

While face masks can be difficult to wear for prolonged periods (they are still necessary, mind you so keep them on!), face shields are a lot easier to use. They are not obstructive and can be worn for a long time without causing any sort of inconvenience to the wearer. They also make it easier for teachers to instruct their students without having to constantly remove their masks. As long as an appropriate distance is being maintained, teachers can use these face shields to address their students without worrying about virus transmission.

They Ensure Better Protection

Unlike face masks, face shields can allow teachers to protect their nose, mouth, and eyes, without compromising their visibility. They grant better protection to teachers and minimize the risk of infection.

Additionally, this device is very sturdy, durable, and inexpensive to use. Even if your school is unable to provide you with PPE, teachers can easily purchase these face shields without worrying about the cost. They do not need to be disposed of after being used and can be cleaned using a standard disinfectant.

Wrapping It Up

Laser Engraving Pros is committed to ensuring the safety of the community. From first responders and healthcare workers to teachers, our face shields are accessible to all individuals who are currently on the front lines. Our face shields can enable teachers to continue educating the youth of the country while taking appropriate safety measures.

To learn more about our face shields for teachers and how you can place an order, visit our website. We hope to hear from you soon!

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