Introducing The Shieldon-1 A.D.FS. (Aerosol Deflection Face-shield System)

Can you reuse our Shieldon-1 ADFS ? Heck yes you can!

The Shieldon-1 is completely re-usable! At any time you can disassemble your Shieldon-1 Face-Shield Kit and wipe it down, soak it in soapy water or alcohol! In an effort to preserve our current supply of protective eyewear and ensure staff have access to the necessary PPE to perform safe patient care, we designed the Shieldon-1 to be something that can be safely reused provided it is properly santized!

How to Disinfect Your Shieldon-1 Aerosol Deflection Face-shield System
• Perform hand hygiene
• Don a new pair of exam gloves
• Using one disinfectant wipe at a time, first squeeze excess disinfectant into a sink to prevent splash to face.

To properly sanitize…

• Remove rubber-bands from back of the headband and dispose in an approved container designed for potentially hazardous material.
• Disassemble the unit by bending the headband forward and removing clear face-shield. Then remove the nose-piece and connector piece. Thoroughly wipe both sides of the part before letting soak. •
• Ensure all surfaces remain wet with disinfectant for at lease one minute (or applicable disinfectant wipe contact time).
• Rinse the face shield with water if visibility is compromised by residual
• Place face shield on a clean surface to air dry (or use a clean absorbent towel)
• Remove gloves
• Perform hand hygiene
• Store in a way that reduces the chance of possible contamination – this could be in a Ziploc bag or in a sanitized drawer.
• Disassemble your face shield at the end of your shift and place separate components into trays filled with sanitizer.

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