Are you looking for face shields for your family?

You are in luck then! At Laser Engraving Pros, we make face shields for your face. Our face shields are made using laser-cutting technology. We employ the best materials to give you a product that will last a long time.

Read on as we discuss 3 unique benefits of using face shields and why they provide you with superior protection.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Face Shields

1. They Reduce Virus Transmission

Face shields are highly effective in preventing the transmission of droplets, thereby reducing the chances of virus spread. As per a 2014 study that tested the transmission of influenza-infused droplets via face shields, the use of this PPE helped reduce exposure to the virus by 96 percent.

This is because face shields provide a direct barrier in front of your face that helps control the dispersion of droplets. Therefore, even if you are asymptomatic and happen to cough in public, then having a face shield in place can protect a passerby from being infected.

If you are only wearing a face mask, then these droplets will spread around much more easily, allowing the virus to infect other people by entering their nasal cavity, eyes, or mouth.

Face shields have also been noted to reduce surface contamination caused by a respirator by 97 percent.

2. They Make It Easier to Communicate

If you are wearing a face mask, it can be harder to communicate. Besides having to speak louder than you usually would, face masks can be an inconvenience to people who are hard of hearing and rely on lip-reading to understand others.

At Laser Engraving Pros, we make face shields for your face that can help resolve this problem. Our face shields make use of clear plastic. Disabled individuals that rely on facial expressions and lip reading can understand you easily if you are wearing our face shields.

3. They Help You Avoid Certain Occupational Hazards

Wearing face masks for prolonged periods can lead to certain occupational hazards. They can damage your nose bridge and aggravate the skin on your face. Face masks can also constrict your breathing. This can be highly problematic for people with asthma or other breathing issues.

Face shields reduce the chances of this happening. Compared to face masks, a shield doesn’t have to come in contact with your face in order to protect you from the virus. Instead, it simply provides a barrier for your nose, eyes, and mouth. It also helps you breathe without any restrictions in place.

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You can use our face shields alongside face masks and make sure that your family remains protected at all times. Our face shields are made of high-quality polyester that does not break easily and can be reused after being cleaned with a disinfectant.

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