Providing hospitals with sufficient masks and other personal protective equipment continues to be a challenge in the United States. Like other frontline workers, it is essential for doctors, nurses, and other individuals performing administrative duties in hospitals to wear PPE.

Since face masks cannot be reused, there have been suggestions that healthcare workers can wear face shields instead. Face shields are particularly beneficial to healthcare workers and other individuals on the frontlines who are at risk of greater exposure to the Coronavirus. Read on as we discuss the benefits of reusable face shields for healthcare workers.

1. They are Washable

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages of face shields is that they can be washed and reused without compromising the user’s safety. Given the lack of supply of PPE, this is a major plus. Additionally, using face shields can be very economical for healthcare workers who must pay for the PPE they are purchasing.

2. They Are Easier to Handle

Compared to face masks, face shields are harder to lose. Face masks are also prone to contamination during long work shifts. Mishandling these face masks and failing to dispose them properly can increase the spread of the virus.

3. They Add Another Layer of Protection

Healthcare workers that only wear face masks and forgo face shields may fall into a false sense of security. For instance, even if your mouth and nose are covered, your hands are still an important source of transmission for the virus. Touching your face and getting lax with hand hygiene can compromise your safety in this case.

Reusable face shields for healthcare workers prevent this from happening. They place a barrier directly in front of your face and actively discourage you from touching your face. Face shields also amp up protection measures against the virus by protecting your eyes along with your eyes and nose. This can significantly lower the rate of transmission of the virus.

This particular feature of reusable face shields is also important for healthcare workers that are in proximity to infected patients and cannot maintain a safe distance while providing treatment.

The Bottom Line

In spite of the obvious advantages of reusable face shields for healthcare workers, it is important to understand that face shields do not work as a substitute for face masks. Rather, the two complement each other to provide the user with adequate protection.

For optimal safety, you must make sure to wear the face shield properly. Make sure the face shield extends below your chin. You also need to check for any gaps between the headpiece and your forehead.

Where Can You Buy Them?

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