Are you looking for laser-cut face shields in Richmond, VA? Well, you’ve come to the right place then.  Laser Engraving Pros offers the best face shields at a price that suits you! Our face shields are suitable for everyone including teachers, front-line workers, first responders, and healthcare workers.  

Keep reading as we discuss what you can expect from our face shields.

Composed of High-quality Materials

At Laser Engraving Pros, we understand the critical role that personal protective equipment plays in safeguarding you against the virus. Our customers put their trust in us and we make sure to provide them with high-quality products that promote their well-being.

This applies to our face shields as well, and we only use the best materials to make them.  

Made As Per Healthcare Guidelines

As per guidelines by health professionals, a face shield must have proper dimensions to ensure it provides sufficient protection against the COVID-19 virus. This includes making sure the face shield is long enough so that it extends beyond your chin and limits transmission.

Additionally, it must be placed laterally to your ears. Besides this, there must be no gaps between your forehead and the uppermost portion of the face shield.

At Laser Engraving Pros, we ensure that our face shields are manufactured keeping all of these guidelines in mind so that you remain protected at all times.

Can Be Cleaned Easily

Our laser-cut face shields in Richmond, VA, can be cleaned easily to make them suitable for reuse. All you need is a suitable disinfectant with at least 70% of Isopropyl alcohol and you are good to go! You can use the disinfectant along with a clean cloth to sanitize the face shield after use.

Note: Avoid taking off the face shield while you are outside. If you do, you must not reuse it until you clean it properly. Reusing face shields without disinfecting them properly can put you at risk.

Have a Robust Design

Our face shields are highly durable and come with a robust design. They do not fog up, ensuring maximum visibility at all times. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily if they are subjected to pressure.

Thanks to their durability, you can expect your face shields to last a long time. This makes them highly economical as compared to face masks that need to be discarded after every use.

Get a Complete Face Shield Kit From Laser Engraving Pros

To purchase laser-cut face shields in Richmond, VA, all of you have to do is visit our website and place an order. We will send you a complete face shield kit. This contains a plastic shield, a headband, and a head strap. The face shield will be unassembled prior to delivery. This is a precautionary measure that we take to ensure the face shield does not suffer any damage due to rough handling.

However, don’t worry. You will also receive instructions on how to assemble the face shield. It is incredibly easy and requires no supervision.

Before you assemble the face shield as per the instructions provided, make sure you disinfect all the pieces properly. Once you are done, you can assemble the parts.

Face Shields DC – Our Laser-cut Face Shields in Richmond, VA, Can Help Fight COVID-19!

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